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About Marcus

Marcus Trufant is a family man, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is the epitome of class, leadership, and hard work. After an All-Pro 10-year career wearing the number 23 for his hometown Seattle Seahawks, Marcus has taken the same approach to empower his community through the Trufant Family Foundation and his multiple entrepreneurial ventures. Instead of locking down receivers, he locks down business deals while also mentoring, coaching, and advising people across Washington on how to take their game -in sports and life- to the next level by staying “Tru” to themselves.

Marcus juggles the duties of being an entrepreneur, father of five, husband, and philanthropist with grace. He brings his perspective in a podcast he shares with the love of his life, Jessica Trufant, on Truly Unruly. A show about life, love, and living with five kids!

As a native of Tacoma and a staple of the Pacific Northwestern community that raised him, Marcus has made it his mission to provide college scholarships to underserved youth through the Trufant Family Foundation. Since its inception, its focus has been to provide fundamental support programs to help young people achieve their life’s goals. The foundation has recently provided transportation resources, food delivery, housing assistance, and meals to children of front-line heroes affected by this pandemic.

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Family Man

A devoted husband and father, Marcus always keeps his family close to keep his focus on what’s truly important in life.


Through the Trufant Family Foundation Marcus provides scholarships and  fundamental support programs to help young people achieve their life’s goals.


Marcus has grown into a successful entrepreneur in the self-storage industry and various other ventures.


Marcus combined his natural talent and love for the fundamentals of his craft to have a 10-year all-pro career in the NFL.


Marcus In Action

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Our Mayberry is an online platform where causes and businesses get together to create a unique marketplace. Where supporters can shop online or in-store to generate a sustainable source of funding for the causes they are passionate about, and where businesses can grow their business, gain community recognition and develop greater customer loyalty by supporting the causes that are important to their community.


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