On this edition of the Barbershop Show, Marcus “Tru” Trufant had the opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels, and as usual, it was a fun and interesting event for the former Seattle Seahawk Cornerback.

The show started with the co-pilot asking Tru about when he left the Seahawks and his contribution to the team, which Tru replied and said he played as a cornerback and he played for ten years. The person interviewing Tru then asked what he has been up to since his retirement. Trufant told him he spends a lot of time with his kids, he has some business things, and a family foundation he’s heavily involved in. He also noted that he was from Seattle too and that he grew up about 45 minutes’ south away from where the event was taking place.

While answering the last question, the lid of the plane came down and Tru was prepped for take-off. While preparing for the plane to take off, the co-pilot told Tru about how he was selected to be the one to fly with the Blue Angels. He told Tru they had an extra spot, which Tru confirmed, saying he heard about a guy falling out though he didn’t know what happened; the copilot then said he thought “hey, since we got the airspace, we got the time, let’s give it another ride”, and to this Tru replied “lovely”, which the copilot told him that’s what they are there for. After some beeps, sounds and alarms, the event organizer told Tru they had just a few minutes before everything is finally ready. After that, he asked Tru what other things he was planning to do during his weekend. Tru answered and said he had a lot of stuff to do. He said he was the Seafair king and he had been doing a bunch of events which included knighting people. He said he was probably going with his kids to see the boat races, and will try to be everywhere. The copilot then told Tru that their guys were actually in the Seahawks training camp, which Tru confirmed and said he saw them the last upper year and since they were always busy during the Seafair, he didn’t get the opportunity to be close to the Blue Angels. But now, he’s up close and personal with the Blue Angels.

After that, the both of them talked about where they were from, the weather; Tru asked the co-pilot where he was from, which he answered; after which he went on to mention some other celebs he has had the opportunity to fly with.

After some more talks, beeps, sounds and alarms from the operators, and some tension being exerted by Trufant, the plane was finally ready to take off. And after about 300 knots, the plane was up in the air but not before Tru closed his eyes while pulling up the stick. Once up, Tru noted that the view was beautiful and the copilot showed him where the operator tower was. Tru also said staying up there makes Washington a place to be.

The copilot told Tru they had just a couple of minutes to head out, so he should just sit back, relax and breathe normally. Tru then asked how he would know how fast they were going. His copilot told him about the controls and meters depicting their speed. And with Tru enjoying the ride and the view, the show came to an end.