The show started off with the hosts, Marcus Trufant and Terry Hollimon, T-Holla, recounting their fun weekend to the audience, after which the guest Kasey C. Keller was introduced admist cheers from the audience.

For those who don’t know who Kasey Keller is, here’s a quick rundown of who he is.

Born November 29. 1969, Kasey C. Keller is a former American soccer player who last played in the Major League Soccer for the Seattle Sounders, in 2011. He was also the United States men’s national soccer team former starter goalkeeper. He was the first American goalkeeper to become a regular in the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga. He also participated in the FIFA World Cup four times. Now he’s into local broadcasting, working as the Sounder’s color commentator.

Back to the Barbershop. After the introductions, T-Holla kicked off the show by asking Kasey Keller what he has been up to since he retired from soccer as T-Holla called it or football as Kasey called it.

Kasey answered saying has been doing everything he wasn’t allowed to do when he was a professional athlete. He went on to say he has been making up for lost time and also mentioned some of the activities he has been doing which included motor cycling, snowboarding and weight boarding. He also made note of his broadcasting career, saying the transition couldn’t have been better. He went on to mention his contract with ESPN which has made him stay relevant on the national side.

Kasey continued to describe his transition from soccer to broadcasting as a natural transition, saying he did a lot of media work while playing in England and this was part of what made it easy for him.

He also said whenever he’s asked if he misses football, he’ll just tell the person – no way, though he mentioned that he feels weird whenever he sees someone in his position. He then went on to make an account of his first Sounder’s game broadcasting session.

T-Holla asked Kasey his opinion on why, despite the fact that Seattle has got great fans for the Sounders, why is soccer still trailing behind the other sports -basketball, football and baseball. Kasey answered and said “I think in some ways, it’s gaining more ground”. He shared his life’s story about football which he noted that he is a farm kid from Olympia; then he went on to talk about how he became great at soccer playing. He also said one of the factors affecting soccer is because there’s too much competition.

Trufant then asked him about the women part of soccer at the professional level. He asked Kasey if he thinks the pay, contract and other things are going to level out, and Kasey replied saying “I think everything is TV driven and fan driven”. He then went on to explain his reasons and his thoughts.

T-Holla then came up to take him off football questions and asked him about his taste in music. He asked Kasey -who agreed to the fact that he loves heavy metal- what he should listen to if he wants to go heavy metal since he’s not into it like Trufant. Kasey then answered and said he has a lot of friends in the music business and they were able to introduce him to the heavy metal genre. He also told T-Holla that if he’s interested in heavy metal, he’s going to get him to a concert or show where he can experience what it’s all about.

After some jokes, T-Holla pitted Trufant and Kasey against each other on some ball joggling and Kasey came out on top, beating Trufant 6 to 3 with the sixth one being a back kick on T-Holla. Once that was done, Kasey answered questions from fans on twitter. Answering one of the fans who asked him if he felt like coming out of retirement, Kasey answered with a big NO. After answering the questions, T-Holla and Trufant popped a joke on an advert Kasey made earlier in his career.

The hosts then made the thanks and the show came to an end.