On this episode of the Barbershop Show Marcus “Tru” Trufant partnered with Sparkling Ice for some sky diving experience and guess where he landed; straight into the VMAC, the Seattle Seahawks training center.

Well, the show started off with T-Holla (Terry Hollimon) interviewing Tru (Marcus Trufant). He asked what was going on at the VMAC where the Seahawks were having their final practice. Tru answered and said a lot of activities was going on and in a very lighter mood since it was the last day, everybody gets to be with their families afterwards so the 12 were heavy and in high spirits. The T-Holla went on to ask Tru to tell everybody what he did. Tru answered and said he had a little partnership with Talk in the Rain and Sparkling Ice who has a partnership with the Seahawks, so since it was the last day in training camp, they wanted to make a splash so they got Tru to come do some sky diving.

After driving down to the VMAC, Tru met with the guys that were setting things up; the landing, the line, everything. He also mentioned that he was being a little nervous, then said a short prayer afterwards. He said “Lord be with me”

He then went on to get equipped and ready for the Sparkling Ice sky diving event. He got his glasses and said he was also going to sky dive with his music.

Tru asked his tutor if he had done sky diving before which he (the tutor) replied he had done it before and went on to say he’s had a couple of thousand jumps all by himself before. He then asked Tru if he was going to do it alone and Tru replied saying he needed his help, and that he was freaking out. Afterwards Tru drank some Sparkling Ice and it was show time.

After the sky diving, T-Holla while interviewing Tru asked him what in the world possessed him to jump out of an airplane. Tru replied and said “Everybody ain’t able and I don’t think I was able but you know, you just gotta do it and that’s what it was”. He further explained that half of his body was out the plane and his tutor, who was behind him, pushed him out and the free fall begun. Tru said the first 5 seconds of the free fall was the scary part where he was very nervous, screaming and had tears in his eyes. He said he hoped that wasn’t on tape, which T-Holla quickly replied to saying “they got you”. Tru said it was a good feeling sky diving down into the training camp where the 12 was waiting up for him.

T-Holla then asked Tru if he had ever for once, in the 10 years he played for the Seattle Seahawks, think he’ll jump down from an airplane into the middle of the Seattle Seahawks training camp. Tru answered and said he never thought he’d see the day when he’ll actually do that but now that he’s retired, he got to do a lot of things he couldn’t do when he was a player. He further mentioned that he did the Blue Angels the year before and now some sky diving, what’s next?

Tru and T-Holla later went on to interview some of the Seahawk fans. The first to be interviewed was Ryder, and he was asked what his expectations from the Seahawks were. Ryder said, he’s looking forward to seeing the rookies and see the Seahawks defense come back. T-Holla then asked Ryder how he got his name. Ryder answered and said he had a great mom and she gave it to him. T-Holla then went on to talk to Ryder’s grandma whose name was Diana though Ryder calls her Nana and they were from Olympia. T-Holla asked her what her excitement about the Seattle Seahawks was. She replied and said everything, then went on to explain that the Seahawks have got good rookies, great defense, in short, they have got all it takes to win up the season. After a few questions to Ryder and some other fans, T-Holla and Tru made a summary of what happened on the show and the show came to an end.