The Barbershop boys, Marcus “Tru” Trufant and Terry “T-Holla” Hollimon, came through at the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Tournament. For those who don’t know, the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Tournament is an annual fund raising event for the Richard Sherman’s Blanket Coverage Family Foundation hosted by Richard Sherman -obviously- an American football cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL (National Football League). The event is usually a fun filled one with loads of people (about 20,000 last year) coming out to support the fund raising event, show off their softball skills and of course, enjoy themselves. The Barbershop boys decided to turn in on the one organized this year, and the show turned out to be filled with loads of fun.

The show started off with Tru and T-Holla introducing the event and promising to be on the lookout for the celebrity that could play the game well. NBA all-star, Zack Lavine was the first celebrity to be interviewed by Tru and T-Holla. After the basic complimentries, T-Holla asked Zack Levine how Richard Sherman managed to get him out to join the other celebs for the fund raising event. In his reply, Lavine said “I was a good baseball growing up so when he gave me the call I was all for it”. He also mentioned that he attended the one that was hosted last year and it was so much fun. T-Holla asked him if he played baseball in high school and Lavine replied yes. Then T-Holla asked him why he left baseball and decided to stick with basketball. Lavine replied and said “I had to stop you know, because of basketball”. He then went on say he was better at baseball when compared to basketball. Trufant asked him how he felt about kids that played one specific sport all year round and he replied giving instances about himself, saying he played football, basketball and baseball, it was only when he had to be serious and get into high school he decided to stick with basketball; therefore for kids who do only one sport all year round, they should try to get into more sports, have fun, get fit and enjoy. After his response, T-Holla brought him back to the softball event by asking him what to expect from him and his team. He said they were going for the win and went on to say they won the tournament last year. After his response, the Barbershop boys thanked him for having them and left him to go do his thing.

The next celeb that was interviewed by the Barbershop was Doug Baldwin. T-Holla started by joking about Doug’s athletic form and then went on to ask him why he considered himself to be important for things like the charity event. Doug replied and said, it’s because the event is a good cause and he’s able to impact positively on a lot of other people. Tru then went on to say, seeing that he bagged a contract and is achieving some of his goals, he should talk to kids about what they should do when things are not going the right way in the beginning, how to make sure they reach the heights they have set for themselves. Doug said kids shouldn’t give up on their hopes and dreams. He said goods things don’t come easy, they don’t appear to be easy in the beginning, not giving up on your hopes and dreams will put you in a better place or position that is going to make you happy. He also said that it doesn’t matter how you start, what matters is how you finish. After ending his motivational speech, Tru and T-Holla thanked him for having them and they let him return to the field.

After signing some autographs the Barbershop show met with Jermaine Kearse and Ricardo Lockette. Other celebs that were at the Richard Sherman’s Celebrity Softball include Sage Steele, hip-hop artistes Wale and Waka Flocka,, Matt Barnes, Jamal Crawford and a whole lot of other stars.

After meeting up with Lockette, Tru and T-Holla said their thanks, and thus ends another fun episode of the Barbershop Show.