Russell Carrington Wilson was hosted on the Barbershop Show by Marcus Trufant and Terry Hollimon at the launching of his new brand for the kids known as “Eat the Ball” which features bread made in different ball designs.

Before we get down to that, let’s give you an inside info on Russell. Born November 29, 1988, Russell Wilson is a football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. During the 2011 season, he played college football for the University of Wisconsin in which he set the FBS single season record for making efficient passes (191.8). He also led the team to a Big Ten Title and the 2012 Rose Bowl. He tied the record of Peyton Manning for most passing touchdowns by a rookie in 2012 and was later awarded the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.

Russell led the Seattle Seahawks to their first Super Bowl victory and repeated the same thing in 2014. Behind Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson is the second highest rated NFL passer of all time. In his four first season, he has won more games than any other NFL quarterback and is also currently the highest seconds paid player in the NFL after signing a four year extension contract worth 87.6 million dollars, with the Seahawks on July 31, 2015. He’s currently married to Ciara.

Now back to the show, Russell Wilson talked about his new brand -Eat the Ball. Marcus Trufant asked for some background on the brand and Wilson said, “it’s called eat the ball because it looks like an athletic ball. It looks like a football, soccer ball, ice hockey pock and some couple of others as well”. He further went on to describe the bread as a hundred percent natural, frozen food and it tastes better than normal frozen foods. He also described it as something you can use for sport oriented events.

He also noted that the idea of education was behind the creation of his eat the ball brand. Talking about one that is form of the globe and has the seven continents designed on it, he explained that during lunch, kids can use these bread balls to talk about different places in the world which will make them become more knowledgeable about these places.

He stressed that the education part is something really important for him to hop in and join in to contribute to the ownership of the company and to help and encourage kids in eating healthy fun bread.

T-Holla (Terry Hollimon) went on to ask Russell his motive for joining a company that made bread for the kids and Russell said he has actually joined three companies which he thinks are game changers. He said the name of the first company is Reliant Recovery Water; the company brings up good and healthy water that helps in recovering from illnesses and injuries in general.

The second is a frozen food company called Luvo and the third is Eat the Ball.

When asked if he wanted his brand to go into schools, Russell said yes, that that was one of the big steps he was planning to take so that kids can eat an healthy ball and still have fun while they are at eat.

Talking about football, Russell said his team has got so much talents and that what has led to the performance of his team. He said so far, it has been a blessing for him and he’s excited about the progress he has made given the fact that he’s only 26 years old, played the league for three years and he has made a lot for himself. He further said he’s going to tread slow and steady, taking things one step at a time.

Asked to give advice to kids who are doing something good in school and are being teased about it, using himself as an example, he said they should try to do things they are passionate about and have a purpose.

The hosts and the guest then went off on some book coloring activity to relieve stress and relax – T-Holla’s idea. After the coloring session -which T-Holla drew himself and Ciara together- was over, the show was ended with the hosts thanking Russell for having them.