On this interesting episode of the Barbershop Show, Marcus “Tru” Trufant and Terry “T-Holla” Hollimon had Desiree Hartstock on the show.

The show started off with Tru and T-Holla talking about the performance and energy of the Seattle Seahawks. After some insights, news and jokes, the presenters introduced the star of the ninth season of The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartstock, and she brought them some sparkling ice.

Once everyone had settled down, T-Holla started off by thanking Desiree for joining them and expressing how glad he is to finally meet her in person. Then he went on to say Desiree might be wondering why she was invited to the show, if any of them (Tru and T-Holla) even watched The Bachelorette. He then snitched on Tru saying Tru didn’t but he did watch the Bachelorette. He then went on to ask Desiree what she has been up to since she left the Bachelorette and moved into Seattle. Desiree replied saying, after the show she moved back to Seattle, got married, designed some wedding dresses and wedding jewelries, in short, started her wedding business full time and looking forward to her next step.

After some jokes on T-Holla, Tru then went on to accept what T-Holla said about him not watching the Bachelorette. He then asked her to tell him how realistic or hard it was for her being in the show, what with a lot of cameras being in her face and she actually falling in love and getting married afterwards. Desiree replied and said people ask her that question a lot because they want to know if it was real. She further said everything is real as there are producers who make sure you talk about the topics they want and she also mentioned that none of what was done on the Bachelorette was scripted, which came as a surprise to Tru. She also said she personally didn’t watch the show very much because she actually didn’t go in with a lot of expectations and that is the reason why things worked out well for her. She said she was able to be herself and didn’t worry about the cameras.

T-Holla then asked her if the interesting and romantic places they went to on the Bachelorette did influence her falling in love with her spouse. Desiree replied and said she thinks it’s possible that the romantic places could add up to them getting caught in the moment but it didn’t actually influence her falling in love. She said, she felt that she and her spouse always felt like sitting across from each other drinking coffee. She said she had a busy schedule and she didn’t think the romantic places influenced her that much since there were cameras around.

Tru then asked her to tell him some of the craziest things fans have said to her when she goes around her daily activities like getting coffee. She said she doesn’t really get real life fans talking crazy things to her face, only on social media. But she did mention that a male fan once creped her out. She then went on to say all of her fans are really nice, and gave an instance of some 5 year old girls running to her for a hug and how sweet it was. She also noted that that was her most memorable fan experience.

After T-Holla actually admitted to watching the show, he went on to ask Desiree Hartstock about what her wildest experience during the show was. She replied saying she had a really busy schedule since they were on the show for like 18 hours a day. She said it was the first time anyone would ask her what her wildest experience on the show was, although she didn’t give a specific experience or name.

Tru then asked her if out of the 25 guys that she had to go through, which means actually kissed, if there was anyone with bad breath. Desiree answered and said there wasn’t although there were some kisses she wasn’t really into as she didn’t actually like the person. She gave no names here too; the show’s policy.

T-Holla then asked her why there weren’t a lot of people on the Bachelorette. She said she asked that question when she was on the show and the response she got was that a lot of people don’t sign up to be the bachelorette and then went on to say the Barbershop Show too could organize its own Bachelorette.

After some jokes, T-Holla asked her what her next step was. She replied and said, she’ll follow her dreams, travel and do some designing. T-Holla then asked her if she was going to be full time house wife in Seattle. She replied and said no. Tru asked her if she had a way through which people could reach her. She replied saying she had a website, desireehartstock.com, and most of her social media usernames are Desiree Hartstock.

The show came to an end with Tru and T-Holla thanking her for joining them and asking her to come join them some other time.