NBA superstar, Aaron Jamal Crawford was hosted by Marcus Trufant, the legendary Seattle Seahawk, and his partner Terry Hollimon, also known as T-Holla on the Barbershop show. On the show, Crawford talked about his career and some of the things he’s been up to.


Jamal Crawford is thirty four years old and he plays watch for the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s someone with a lot of energy in him because unlike some basketball players of his age, he isn’t decaying, instead he’s enhancing his skills as he keeps on striking dread with his capacity of scoring stunning points and controlled hybrids, no wonder his name is always up in exchange gossips.

He has won the NBA sixth man of the year three times, making him the first three time winner of the award in the history of the NBA. Also added to his list of merits is the most career four point plays made with 47 points, and 52 if playoffs are included.


Starting off with the performance of his team, dropping points and all, Crawford said the reason why they dropped off San Antonio was because they didn’t show them the kind of respect they deserved; he further said that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do exactly which was why the season turned out the way it did for them. He also described the feeling of his family when they lost to San Antonio, saying “they felt like they lost”.

Then he was asked about his being in the Los Angeles Clippers since a lot of media content has been saying he might probably get off soon, but all Crawford had to say was that he didn’t understand why the media was saying things like that about him.

T-Holla went on to ask Crawford about his opinion on youth sport since he (Crawford) has been making a lot of investments in the youth of Seattle, so he was asked about his opinion on the current status of youth basketball. Crawford said, “I think it’s in a dangerous place”. He went on to say that kids are supposed to have their own realistic goals and parents shouldn’t act as a danger to them by switching schools, cursing out coaches all because they want their child to get ahead.

Then Trufant went on to ask him about his views on kids who wanted to play just one sport. Sharing his views, Crawford said the kids should try to diversify, try to go into different sports even if they are actually really into one. He also added that his wife usually tells their son, who loves and is very good at basketball, to go into other sports so as to get balanced; he said he (Crawford) played football, baseball and basketball back in high school, though basketball was the sport that came natural to him.

He also talked about his program for the Seattle kids to help them with inspirations and motivations, and his free 4th of July barbecue at the Green Lake. He went on to tell the hosts about his 3 basketball camps, how he’s got trainers in all Seattle public schools and his back to school program for the kids.

He went on to answer questions from fans on twitter, one of which asked him his toughest opponents on high school, college and pro levels. Crawford answered and said, in high school it was Doug Ryan and Jerry Pettie, in college, he said it was a whole duke squad and on the pro level he mentioned Ian Anderson, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade; when asked to narrow it down to one, Crawford said it’s Kobe. He also talked about his dream of getting the Sonics back in Seattle.

Then after some few jokes, T-Holla set Crawford up with Trufant, asking Trufant basketball questions and Crawford football questions, which Trufant came out on top.

The show was then rounded up with T-Holla giving the thanks and the audience cheering the hosts and the guests.

It really was a great show.