Seattle Seahawk cornerback, Richard Sherman, was the guest on this edition of the Barbershop show. Let’s run through a little bit on him before we continue about the show.

Richard Kevin Sherman, plays American football for the Seattle Seahawks as a cornerback. Born March 30, 1988, he also played football for his college in Stanford, where he played as a cornerback and a wide receiver. He was drafted in the fifth round of the NFL draft by the Seahawks. Since he entered the league, Richard Sherman has been considered by a lot of analyst s to be the NFL’s best cornerback, what with him having the second most defensive passes (79) and interception (26) than any other active player, behind Talib Aquib who has 30 interceptions.

May 2014 saw Richard Sherman signing a 57.4 million dollars contract extension, with a guaranteed 30 million dollars, with the Seattle Seahawks.


The show started with the usual fun, jokes and lighter mood the Barbershop show is known for. With Marcus Tru Trufant and Terry T-Holla Hollimon being the hosts. They introduced the TV edition of the Barbershop show and cracked some jokes before presenting Richard Sherman to the audience.

After, thanking the guest for being on the show, T-Holla dived straight into the show by asking Richard Sherman what he had been doing since the season ended. Richard started off with a joke saying “changing diapers”. Then he went on to say he’s been staying busy, spending time with his family, doing a little bit of traveling and some other things.

T-Holla then asked him what he knew about fishing since he told them, at a charity event, that he was coming off a boat from where he went fishing. Richard answered and said “you know what, don’t know much maybe that is why the fishes wouldn’t bite on my line”. Then he went on to share his fishing experience, saying he did the basic things, hooking the worm to the end of the line, dipping it in the water and waited, and he waited and got to the charity event late.

Trufant then went ahead to ask him what his motivation was, seeing that he has done a lot in the football world in so little time. Richard said he just goes out there to win not just to play; that football is a game but it’s not done for fun.

After some fun jokes, T-Holla asked Richard why, despite the fact that there’s a lot of crime in Compton where he was brought up, does the place produce a lot of superstars like Kendrick Lamar, Dr Dre, Venus and Serena Williams and some other great acts including Richard Sherman. Richard answered him, explaining that the city was all about success or failure. Then he went on to emphasize on his point.

Relating to an article he read about Richard Sherman and Desean Johnson growing up together, Trufant asked Richard Sherman to advise kids who are growing up and pursuing the same career together in an environment that is set up for them to fail. Advising the kids, Richard said there’s no excuses if they fail because the same people they are running with won’t take excuses for their failure.

When asked about how he gets over the criticism he gets from people, the media and the fans, Richard said he ignores them since they don’t understand the game from the player’s point of view. Trufant then made a statement about him being glad he got out of the Seahawks when he did.

Afterwards, Richard answered some questions from fans on twitter, one of which asked him one thing he has learnt from football that he’s going to pass on to his son. Richard said he’s going to teach him how to overcome since football as a game teaches you discipline and being tough.

After the twitter questions, some jokes were made and it involved the hosts and the guest. Once the jokes were over, T-Holla asked Richard about his Blanket Coverage foundation and Richard replied saying, they were having a charity dinner and a charity softball game and all of the proceeds were going off to his foundation which focuses on helping kids to attain their academic success by providing them with school materials and mentorship programs.

After that, T-Holla pitched Trufant and Richard together in a baby swaddling contest which Tru came out on top. After the cheers, jokes and laughter, Tru and T-Holla thanked the guest, Richard, for being on the show, thanked the audience and the crew and it was a wrap. So much fun!