Tru Associates

Tru-Associates LLC was formed May 9, 2012 by Marcus Trufant, a long-time, retired Seahawk player. Marcus holds a uniquely balanced portfolio of conservative, emerging market and traditional investments. He and his board of business consultants are a very agile yet strong management team with diverse backgrounds. The common thread between Marcus and his board is that they are all about the “bottom line.”  Their philosophy is to always offer the “best value” to the customer/tenant. With this philosophy, it requires Marcus and the board to have a strong knowledge base and respect for real estate and self storage industry. This impacts with the results in the availability to a robust network of current information.

The board of consultants working with Tru-Associates all have formal graduate education and varying degrees of experience in corporate America. They have achieved several commonly required management and skill set certifications allowing Tru-Associates to repeatedly deliver state-of-the-art customer focused solutions. Tru-Associates was not created to only benefit the Trufant family of 3 Brothers who all played in the NFL. It was created to educate and help guide our brothers and sisters who have played professional sports who have time and time again been prayed upon to invest their money and time into places they shouldn’t. Far to large of a percentage of these athletes go broke or file for bankruptcy after their professional career. It’s time for a change!