Russell Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback has come up with a new clothing line titled the Good Man Brand and who better to model it for him than his good friend Marcus Trufant, retired Seattle Seahawk. Both these fashion forward hunks have joined hands together for the Good Man Brand, a men’s complete lifestyle label that is readily available for those who would want to enjoy urban men’s fashion and casual clothing style. The Good Man Brand is available at the Nordstrom’s.

According to Fashwire where Marcus Trufant has been liked to model the Good Man Brand latest collection, the clothes under the name Good Man Brand will stock items not only superior in quality but also great in comfort and style. The brand will include clothing items from the latest modern fashion trends as well as classic clothing that are popular amongst those who prefer suave and sophisticated style. The brand stocks up on t-shirts, shorts, polos, sweatshirts, pants, sneakers etc., in short all items that the modern men of today would prefer for their lifestyle. And what’s best about the Good Man Brand is that not only the clothes are fashion forward, high quality and readily affordable, but also for each piece sold, $3 is donated to Russell Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation that works for issues like world hunger, childhood cancer and also domestic violence.

Russell Wilson, Fashwire and Marcus Trufant both are in favor of bringing about a change in the world with this latest clothing line. The whole idea behind the Good Man Brand is not only to introduce to people a clothing line that offers them a huge variety in casual and classic clothing items but at the same time tackles bigger societal issues by sharing its profits with the Why Not You Foundation.

The Good Man Brand by Russell Wilson will be available at Fashwire as well. Marcus Trufant happened to be a dedicated client of the brand and introducing the new line of clothing through him is a good idea because he represents the actual ideology of the suave and sophisticated man whose into helping the world become a better place too. The Good Man Brand is all about creating a huge change in culture through fashion and Marcus Trufant is a face who can make that change eminent without much effort.

The brand’s tagline “Lead, Inspire, Live” is also a true reflection of the good men that Russell Wilson found in his own life and Marcus Trufant is a reflection of those traits amongst the modern day men. Through his clothing line, Russell intends to find the traits that the brand’s tagline speaks of amongst his customers as well.

The Good Man Brand is for those who believe to be good and do good for the society. The knowledge about $3 being donated for every sale the brand makes has been made public so that the customers can relate to the hallmarks of upstanding men today with the purchase of fashion forward affordable clothing.