Born February 1989, Isaiah Jamar Thomas is a professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics. He played three years of college basketball as a point guard for the Washington Huskies. He was also selected three times for the Pac-10. Thomas was selected by the Sacramento Kings after electing to forgo his senior year in college. His final pick came in the 2011 NBA draft. He was named an NBA All-Star in 2016, for the first time.

Now that you have an insight on who Thomas is, let’s get down to the show.

The show started with one of the host, Marcus Trufant teasing Isaiah Thomas about not having a built up body like he does; of not being tall exactly, then asking him how he separated professional play from playing with regular people and how he avoided getting injured. Answering, Isaiah Thomas said “for me, I like to play actually”. He said he liked playing with normal people -referring to people without the body building and height thing- and that he competes at anything he does. He also said people ask him why he plays hard and he replies them saying, that’s the only way he knows and that why he’s going to continue playing like that.

T-Holla then went on to ask Thomas why it is important for him to play local basketball. Thomas replied and said “that’s all I know”. He further went on to say that since the community usually get to see local basketball players at Jamar’s gym with a small charge of 5 dollars, he was also doing it for his community.

T-Holla then asked him to explain what the Drew League was since they (Seattle Pro) will be facing them over the weekend. Thomas went on to explain that the Drew League consisted of superstar basketball players from L.A., he went on to mention their names and say he hoped they get to win the game even with all the superstars the Drew League have got. Trufant asked him to make a guaranteed prediction of what the game points are going to be and Thomas told him that it’s a guaranteed win for the Seattle Pros.

Isaiah Thomas was then asked to say some motivational and inspiring words to kids who are trying to come up but is hard for since he had it hard, what with his 5 foot 9 inch height. Using himself as an example, Isaiah said people that are getting laid back and being told they won’t make it to the forefront, should use the negativity as a motivation. He also added that they should continue to work towards that goal that they are being laid back for.

Trufant asked him about his views on the basketball business, contract and all, and he said things like managers disappointing their players is something that calls for mistrust and bad business so he has only one advice; when asked what it was, he said “go get your money because once you make a mistake they are gonna go through to the next guy, so you gotta get all you can outta the game.” He also added that players have got to look out for their family and look out for themselves too.

Host T-Holla asked him how Boston was going to look once the season starts and he said he thinks they’ll do well. He added that they’ve got NBA champion David Lee to train him and his teammates and they that they’ll just continue to do what they did the year before.

After that, he and Trufant compared trash talks between the Basketball League and the Football League. Then T-Holla asked him if he still followed the dogs which he replied yes to and he said he thinks they will get on really good and went on to appreciate their coach.

After some jokes and amidst the cheers and laughter of the audience, Trufant thanked Isaiah Thomas for being on the show, and it was brought to an end.